Debra--I don’t know what I would have done without you!  I was at the end of my rope when we met and never thought I would be able to overcome my binge eating. After a lifetime of hating myself I feel like I have a chance to be finally free and at peace.

-Working mother in her 40’s​

Dear Dr. Gill,
I wanted to take the time to formally thank you for the incredible amount of support, care, and encouragement you have offered me. I feel that I have matured so much, and I owe a lot of that to you. As I have become more mindful, calm, and rational, I have begun to face life's bumps head on. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am confident that I will continue to grow and become a more accepting person of others and myself.

-Young woman who struggled with social challenges, anxiety and body image concerns.

Debra, I can't thank you enough....your insight and guidance has helped me tremendously. I have had an eating disorder my entire life and also abused alcohol. I never thought I would stop drinking and not miss it. My bariatric surgery nearly 6 years is only a tool in my recovery, your help with teaching me about mindfulness and providing resources to learn mindfulness has made all the difference and allowed me to be successful. You helped me learn the importance of self compassion. Thank you!!

-"A very grateful nurse"

So thankful to have come to Dr. Gill as a patient to try and address a problem with emotional eating. I had been grazing and binging at night especially when feeling down/depressed, stressed, or overwhelmed. She helped me to slow down, think clearly and mindfully about eating and to separate the eating from the emotions. It took time to recognize the signals or tendencies and to find alternatives and to realize that I really needed to address the unhappy feelings of depression and loneliness. Dr. Gill helped me to get out and seek companionship and to open myself up to love from another person. She always took the time to listen and offer suggestions both related to the issues I came to her for or about other things going on in my life. Her kindness, caring, and true desire to help allowed me to find solutions to all of my challenges and for this I will always be grateful.

-Successful business woman and divorced parent of two

Hi Debra,
I’m taking this moment to write you now that I’m back at college. I came so far working with you this summer—not only in overcoming my symptoms, but in realizing that I can be true to myself and my own values.

-20-year-old young woman recovering from bulimia

I wanted to let you know that I am actually doing really well. I have used what we talked about and have made a lot of new friends. I’m not thrilled with my body (may never be) but I am taking good care of it!
PS- You'll be happy to know, I am respecting myself with boys.

-16 year old girl recovering from binge eating disorder and social anxiety

I am happy to be "graduating" from therapy with my goals met! Can you believe I have not binged in a year?! I am slowly getting back to my healthiest weight and I’m enjoying my hiking and exercise classes!...
The work we did on my self-compassion was so important too. I can truly say I no longer waste time beating myself up or worrying about things that don’t go perfectly…
Also, I had no significant depressive episode this Winter, and that’s saying a lot.
Thanks again for everything Debra!

-Woman in her 30's who grew past her binge eating and is successfully managing her bipolar disorder

With your help, my daughter was able to get past her eating disorder. So thank you... I also remember times when I could overhear you both laughing in the therapy room. My daughter didn’t laugh often back then...She was always was in a better mood after leaving your office.

-Mother of 16 year-old girl recovering from anorexia and depression

Thanks to Dr. Gill for seeing what I needed, convincing me to go to treatment and helping me find the courage to do so.

-Blog post by woman in her 30's recovering from a 20-year-long eating disorder.

This group was just what I needed. I never thought I could eat just one or two cookies and be satisfied!

-Adult participant in DBT group for Binge Eating Disorder​

I never thought I could be happy in my body without being skinny. Thank you for helping me like myself a little more.

-23 year old female recovering from cycles of dieting.​

Dr. Gill,
Thank you for all of the work we did together. Your guidance helped me to heal my wounds from the past and has given me the wisdom and courage to embrace all that life has to offer. So many wonderful blessings have occurred since our work together-I am happily married to a beautiful woman :), I have found another job that is an advancement and a better fit for my skills--excited to be starting in a few weeks...You've helped me so much I will always be grateful!
PS-Down almost 90lbs and feeling great! Eating Mindfully!!

-40-year-old man who came to me with lifelong history of binge/emotional eating and weight cycling.

Dr. Gill, I still tell people you saved my son’s life!

-Mother of young adult who had been struggling in HS with an eating disorder and OCD

Hi Debra,
I genuinely want to thank you for helping me learn to like myself. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t think about how far I’ve come in such little time which, yes, I do attribute to me, (see, I’m getting better!) but to you as well—a lot, a lot, a lot. This thank you comes also from my family and friends because I’m now a much nicer person to be around. Thanks Immensely!!

-22 year old young woman recovering from binge eating, poor body image and depression.

Thanks to our work together, I was able to get through this very stressful time in my marriage. Though things were uncertain at first and the process was difficult, my husband and I are closer than ever and enjoying our time together. I am still using all the stress management strategies we discussed, especially at work. In a way, I'm glad it all happened and sent me to you because I was able to grow and become happier.

-Middle-aged woman experiencing intense anxiety from home and work crises.

Thanks Dr. Gill!
I will continue to use the mindful eating and other skills I learned in our sessions to continue losing weight. Thanks for all your help in managing the food challenges at work. My relationship with food is definitely healthier and it’s starting to show.

-Man in his 40’s ending a lifetime of overeating

I haven’t had a panic attack in 18 months! I’m glad I went the route of cognitive behavioral therapy instead of relying on medication.

-Man in his 50’s with chronic anxiety

Dr. Gill,
Thanks so much for helping our daughter when she was in high school. We wanted you to know that she has finished college has blossomed into a very successful, healthy and happy person. Also, she was so inspired by her work with you that she has decided to pursue a career helping young people struggling with eating and weight.

-Parents of young woman with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) a medical condition involving insulin resistance that makes weight loss difficult

You do so much for me Debra…I’ve been struggling with depression and anorexia for so long, and with your help I feel for the first time I might have a chance at a meaningful life. I am so lucky I found you…. Thanks for how much you care about me and for all the strategies you are giving me. I promise to keep trying and practicing.

-Women in her 60’s recovering from severe trauma and coping with chronic depression

My son is still using the skills you taught him. He routinely leaves food over on his plate and says he’s had enough. The other day, he handed me his half-eaten ice cream cone and said “I’m done savoring this, you can have the rest.”

-Mother of 13-year old by who had been overeating and overweight

The binge eating and purging was taking over my daughter’s life. Her struggle was affecting our relationship. I’m happy to report that she has her life back and I have my daughter back.

-Mother of 18 year old recovering from bulimia nervosa

I learned from this group that I wasn't the only one who feels this way and acts a little crazy when it comes to appearance. Also, since the women in this group are so beautiful in my eyes, I realize that negative self image may not be evidence of how a person actually looks.

-22-year-old woman in body-image support group